Coaching In Motion program

What We Have to offer

This is an opportunity to get into nature and have coaching conversations for personal exploration and transformation.
Nature is a place where we begin to appreciate the beauty around us and open up about what is important in our lives. We can help you discover what’s possible for your future, decide what you really want, and make it happen in an informal walking/hiking setting.
You pick the difficulty level we’ll guide you safely and comfortably.

this program is offered to


small groups

What are the benefits?

  • Build your confidence and self-efficacy 
  • Find clarity about the present state
  • Explore possibilities regarding decisions you need to make
  • Gather other perspectives that you may not have considered
  • Create thinking  habits that will serve you in the future
  • Create room for exciting challenges that you wish to explore
  • Explore the beautiful day hikes in the Cowichan Valley and area, or near your home, safely and comfortably