Group Coaching Programs

What we have to offer

Group Coaching brings coaching conversations into a small group setting.
It is a safe space focused on goal setting, deepening awareness of self and others, and gaining different perspectives from group members.
The process then moves to taking action and holding each accountable.

online group coaching

This is a 3 month guided online program to promote exploration and transformation. A combination of learning and being coached by a peer group. We can help you discover what’s possible for your future, decide what you really want, and make it happen.

  • Building your confidence and leadership skills
  • Dealing with current issues using a Growth Mindset
  • Eliminating self-doubt and building confidence
  • Learning to make decisions quickly and confidently
  • Creating habits that will serve you in the future
  • Finding clarity and what’s next in your life journey
  • People supporting each other and having fun as they do the work

Customized Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions will be custom designed to meet the needs of the following:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Caregivers
  • Corporate Teams
  • Educators
  • Health Care professionals
  • For Non-Profit Leaders and teams

What are the benefits and why do this?

Group coaching clients benefit from peer learning with others, a collective wisdom approach. It is a powerful way to leverage many perspectives to an issue. The process often breaks down silos and strained relationships to move forward to inclusivity and better collaborations.
Group Coaching is really an on-going conversation, which supports change over time, both individually and as a group.