Lynne Rozenboom DIP RM. MA. CPC.

Executive Director, Executive Coach, Community Development, Volunteer,
Fundraising, Health & Wellness professional.
Lynne is focused on individual and community development.
Energized by the beauty and wisdom in nature, Lynne seeks to encourage the same outlook in people. She helps push others past their comfort zones through exploration, conversation and reflection. 
As a life-long student of human motivation and behaviour, Lynne excels at helping to bring out the best in others. She supports personal development by helping challenge assumptions about ourselves, and the world. Lynne believes we have the tools, and knowledge, needed to push ourselves towards our goals, dreams and desires.
A Master of Arts in Leadership and Training, Diploma in Recreation Management and Certification in Non-profit Management, Executive Coaching, (with additional certification in a number of additional health and wellness areas) Lynne’s formal education has been eclectic and foundationally based on healthy, focused, productive exploration and activities (with a whole lot of fun thrown in!). 
Lynne believes growth and resiliency begins with a full commitment to leadership in all of our actions and relationships. She accomplishes this by enhancing people, organizations, and communities around us – regardless of title or role.

Lynne continues to support the development of individuals, organizations and communities. She believes it is by sharing our gifts, experiences, expertise, creativity and passions that we can all have positive impact in our worlds.