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Providing professional coaching to help clients Explore your possibilities, Transform your dreams into realities, and Create the life you want.

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Lynne Rozenboom
Executive Coach
supported by her dear friend, Executive Coach Kim Arsenault , are the coaches behind E.T.C. NOW. We love seeing people expand their horizons and fulfill their dreams!
We love helping people explore, develop and create the life they want. .

ETC NOW was created in 2021 by good friends Lynne Rozenboom and Kim Arsenault.

As professional coaches we were exploring how we could use our varied skills and experiences to help others move past their barriers (personal & professional) and into the life they really want to live.

ETC NOW was born out of our desire to support individuals, organizations and communities develop, strengthen and expand!

Lynne Rozenboom

lynne rozenboom dip rm. ma. cpc

kim arsenault

Kim aresnault bed. ma. pcc.


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